PowerOasis is the global leader in intelligent energy management solutions which drive energy efficiency and increase infrastructure power resilience. Our Energy Management Platform enables partners to differentiate and create new paths to market. We are growing quickly and have an expanding list of top-tier customers in many sectors and across multiple countries.

PowerOasis offer a unique combination of expertise in power, battery technologies, remote monitoring and sensing, and secure communications that are relevant for mission-critical power systems across a range of sectors and industries. Our solutions are based on a third-generation Cloud technology platform for remote infrastructure and equipment management. We provide solutions which are easy to install and maintain, and offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). PowerOasis solutions bring performance and simplicity to a complex environment.

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Hybrid Power Systems

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Energy Management Platform

The PowerOasis Energy Management Platform is a comprehensive software suite which enables the internet of energy. The Platform provides control, monitoring and management of all energy generation, energy storage and energy efficiency assets.

The 4 layer software architecture, allows the platform to be easily customised to meet the specific needs of licensees.

Our Energy Management Platform is used by a wide variety of organisations.
Energy storage vendors
Power equipment vendors
Aircraft and UAV manufacturers
Managed service providers
Critical infrastructure vendors
Utilities and energy providers
Oil and Gas


Our Energy Management Platform is used across different industry sectors and applications to enhance management and control of power systems. Some example applications are shown below:
Energy as a Service
Smart Grid control
Renewables energy management


Managed Services

With its advanced reporting and fine grain control, our software platform provides the foundation for managed service offerings, ranging from Energy as a Service to Grid Arbitrage.

Lithium-Ion Enablement

Integral to the platform is a software Battery Management System (soft BMS). This provides the flexibility & control to enable Li-ion providers to offer a complete system solution.

Custom Applications

The platform can be customised to meet the specific needs of licensees, in sectors as diverse as avionics and telecommunications. PowerOasis fully support licensees through the customisation process.

Critical radar
Critical Plant
Critical Shipping
Critical Water Treatment
Critical Electricity

Critical Infrastructure

Add intelligent monitoring and control to critical infrastructure, without being forced to upgrade legacy equipment.

The solution, allows critical national infrastructure to be connected to a central operations center; with the highest level of protection in a time of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. By delivering improved visibility of performance, operators are able to identify trends and increase responsiveness to unforeseen events; avoiding the need for expensive reactive site visits.

SmartHub Ultra Secure, incorporates government approved and certified end-point solution, from Ultra Electronics.

Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent Control

Aggregate legacy equipment into a single control environment

Tailored Cyber Security
  • Connector.

    Intelligent monitoring and control

    Add intelligent monitoring and control, without the need to upgrade legacy equipment

  • Connector.

    Reduce operating costs

    Enhanced insights into site and network performance improves decision making, increases responsiveness and reduces operational costs

  • Connector.

    Cyber secure

    SmartHub Ultra Secure, incorporates government approved and certified end-point solution; providing the highest level of protection in a time of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Energy Platform
Energy Platform
Energy Platform
Energy Platform
Energy Platform

Hybrid Power Systems

Based upon the Energy Management Platform, our Power Systems are used globally to power telecommunications sites, critical infrastructure and industrial locations.

The Power Systems Portfolio, comprises three turn key power solutions available in a range of configurations. Each solution offers flexible, high availability power, while removing the need for ad hoc or periodic site visits to determine the state of an installation. Transforming site maintenance processes by moving from a reactive to predictive mode of operation.

Simple and quick to deploy, our Power Systems are designed to support loads from 50W to over 10kW; with options to achieve 99.999% uptime for critical applications.

The Energy Management Platform with its web-based remote monitoring and control capabilities, brings the ultimate in cost-effectiveness, site availability and centralised power management.

Our Power Systems have been adopted by customers operating in a range of sectors, enabling them to reduce costs and increase uptime.
Public Safety
Oil and Gas
Electrical Utility


Our Power Systems are designed to support loads from below 50W to over 4KW and can be deployed in configurations that achieve over 99.999% reliability.
Grid Back-up
Unreliable Grid
Off Grid
Grid Arbitrage


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