Panasonic GreenTower

Using the PowerOasis Energy Management Platform

By using our Energy Management Platform, Panasonic are now able to offer cellular operators an Energy as a Service solution, that is paid for by performance enhancements and operational savings, requiring virtually no capital outlay.

Within certain markets, the concept also offers an opportunity for smart grid energy arbitrage. It uses predictive algorithms to show actual load compared to market demand and can send unused energy from on-site assets back to the local grid.

By incorporating Panasonic’s cutting edge Lithium Ion battery technology, system size and weight can be reduced. Grid Back-up is now feasible for roof top locations, reducing or totally eliminating the need for structural modifications.

Other benefits include satellite connectivity, security and wireless equipment monitoring.

Press Release

On 26th February 2015, PowerOasis and Panasonic announced a strategic partnership, and also exhibited the solution at Mobile World Congress.

Read the Panasonic press release:

Video – Mobile World Congress 2015

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