Electric Aircraft & UAVs

The PowerOasis Energy Management Platform enables designers to shorten aircraft and UAV development time, through the use of a flight proven Solar – Lithium Ion power solution.

  • Reference Design

    PowerOasis have invested in developing a reference design for a complete Solar – Lithium Ion power solution for a multi engine electric aircraft, designed for high altitude (90,000 ft.) and long endurance missions (>90 days).


  • Custom Development

    We understand that each individual aircraft design will have its own unique requirements and characteristics. We therefore work closely with licensees, supporting them to adapt our reference design for their specific aircraft needs and its anticipated mission profile.


  • Component Manufacture

    Manage the manufacture of the complete energy generation, storage and power management system for multi engine, electric aircraft and UAVs.

  • PowerOasis Capabilities:

    Aircraft Power Systems Design – requirements decomposition and specification; writing from flight profile to airframe requirements.

    Solar Charge Controllers – over 98% efficiency and 3W/g energy density; our solar charge controllers are class leading for UAV applications.

    Battery Packs – high energy density, fault tolerant, Li-ion battery systems for high voltage propulsion and low voltage avionics / payload applications.

    Power Distribution – complete redundant distribution: cabling, protection and DC-DC conversion systems for propulsion, avionics and ancillary payloads.

    Power Control – distributed redundant propulsion and avionics power control for fully autonomous operation and fault management.

    Ground Control Station – extensive, control, telemetry and data logging via proprietary autopilot and narrow band modem interfaces to provide customisable displays and controls for pilot and flight engineer operations.


Electric Aircraft


If you are interested in our power solution for electric aircraft and UAVs, please get in touch.


PowerOasis work with industry leading players to deliver the next generation of multi engine, solar powered, electric aircraft and UAVs.